Demand Generation

A vast majority of customers interact with five or more pieces of content from the company that they eventually choose to do business with or make a purchase from. Apollo MarTech is a B2B demand generation company focused on helping you build a scalable demand gen strategy and delight your customers at all the relevant marketing touchpoints.

We Execute successful demand generation programs

Let’s face it; not all your prospects are ready to buy at all times.

Some are starting to learn about their pain points; some are researching what would be the best product fit per their requirements, while some are still just evaluating options and comparing pricing.

So what do you do as a marketer to be able to engage these prospects during their buying process and win their business when they’re ready? Well, the answer is — lead nurturing and marketing automation.

Drive net new prospects to your business through high-impact demand generation strategies.

Apollo MarTech is a B2B demand generation agency. We help you create personalized content that educates your prospects and leads them through the buyer journey — this is a critical piece of your overall marketing strategy. Modern marketers are turning to cutting-edge technologies to effectively and efficiently automate their marketing processes — working with Apollo MarTech ensures you adopt well. We work with you to develop and execute a lead-based strategy through several paid and non-paid programs and identify opportunities for pipeline growth and sales conversions.

We have a highly experienced and accountable team that works with you to increase your return on ad spend, build a healthy sales pipeline, and crush your revenue targets. Apollo MarTech’s demand generation experts are proficient in the following acquisition channels: Paid Search/PPC (Google Adwords, Bing), Email Marketing Automation, SEO, Paid Social (LinkedIn and Facebook), and Remarketing.


Demand generation refers to a program or set of activities that helps a business drive awareness and interest in its products or services, create opportunities, build a healthy sales pipeline, drive revenue, and build genuine customer relationships.

A comprehensive demand generation strategy is a fine mix of inbound and outbound marketing strategies, to execute marketing operation plans that drive revenue growth for the business — such as strategy plans for verticals, industries, market segments, and partnerships & alliances. It utilizes all demand-gen channels to include SEO, paid ads, content, webinars, email, events, lifecycle marketing, and customer marketing.