Account Based Marketing

We can assist you in determining which Target Accounts are the best fit for your products or services!

With our Account Based Marketing Services, you can engage the accounts that matter the most.

Account-based marketing (ABM) is becoming more popular among B2B marketers as part of their entire marketing strategy. ABM (account-based marketing) is a strategic method to lead generation in which you focus your time and resources on a small number of essential accounts.

Apollo Martech helps firms construct hyper-targeted ABM lists to locate the target demographic and equip your sales force with actionable account knowledge using comprehensive research, Data Analytics, and AI solutions. As a result, you’ll be able to reach out to your ideal customers at the correct moment with the perfect message.

our ABM Solution

Apollo MarTech provides an ABM solution that helps you through the various stages of your ABM program.

  • Define: We supply firms’ strategic business objectives to establish a blueprint of your Ideal Customer Profile to determine your target accounts (ICP).
  • Identify: We provide you with actionable insights so you can concentrate on high-value accounts that can become customers.
  • Build: Using various qualifying criteria of your ideal account profile with the relevant data points, we assist you in creating the desired ABM list of high-value accounts.
  • Expand: With key contact discovery (key contact roles), we assist you in finding Account/Key Decision Makers and Influencers who are most likely to be members of the buying committee or decision-makers inside those target accounts.


ABM is extremely effective for all B2B companies that sell to key clients of a given size for a set length of time-value of items or services.
  • Getting Personal
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with businesses
  • Increased ROI
  • Clearer and specific results
  • Assemble the ABM Team.
  • Define Your ABM Goals & Strategy.
  • Select Your Account-Based Marketing Technology.
  • Identify and Prioritize Target Accounts.
  • Select Your Channels and Craft Your Messaging.
  • Execute ABM Campaigns & Begin Sales Outreach.
  • Evaluate and optimize
  • Define your strategic accounts
  • Keeping your investigation goggles on  
  • Creating tailored content and messages
  • Selecting the best channels for your campaigns
  • Implement the Account-based campaigns
  • Measuring and sharing your results

You’ll need to calculate the value prospects place on their interactions with you, as well as the influence those interactions have on sales. It’s not always straightforward, but looking at coverage, engagement, impact, and influence is the best way to go.