What to Look For in a Data Integration Solution

Meeting – and mastering –today’s data challenges.

How to find the right data integration solution for your business.

In business today, it’s vital to get data to users fast. But with more data and more complexity
than ever before, that task can feel like a moving target:
• Data sources, varieties, and volume are multiplying all the time
• Actionable data is needed not only for analytics but also for data science, AI, and machine
learning initiatives
• Data needs to secure and governed across the entire pipeline
• The underlying architecture has to have the flexibility to scale
• And you’ve got to consider costs, usability, and support, too
The good news is, modern data technology can handle all of the above. And with the
right data integration solution, you’ll be well equipped to deliver.
How can you find the data integration solution that will perform best for your organization?
This guide reveals the criteria you’ll need – including high-level considerations, use cases,
and capabilities at the product and platform levels.

Cloud data warehousing provides businesses of all sizes with benefits and flexibility they couldn’t enjoy before. No longer constrained by physical data centers, companies can now dynamically grow or shrink their data warehouses to rapidly meet changing business budgets and requirements.

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