The Ultimate Guide to Influencer Partnership Marketing in 2024

Equipping brands with resources and knowledge needed to successfully build, strengthen, and integrate influencer marketing into their partnership marketing ecosystem in 2024.

Influencer partnership marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most effective means of achieving brand goals and driving revenue. The efficacy of partnership marketing is demonstrated by the meteoric growth this market is experiencing.

The U.S. influencer market size is projected to experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.3% between 2022 and 2030.

Affiliate and influencer marketing are now considered must-have marketing channels for brands, yet the strategies and responsibilities for these channels have traditionally sat with different teams. We are seeing these industries converging at a rapid pace as influencer teams are realizing there are ways to create more outcome-driven influencer programs, making it easier to prove overall value for program investment. On the other side, affiliate teams are interested in leveraging influencer opportunities to expand their programs with an influencer focus.

While there is no question that leveraging influencers can help your organization grow, getting the most out of this type of partnership marketing requires expertise and know-how. With that in mind, the influencer marketing experts at Acceleration Partners have created this ultimate guide to adding this brand-building strategy to your repertoire and partnership marketing ecosystem.

The information contained herein can be valuable to your organization, whether you are new to influencer partnership marketing or need to scale your existing network of influencers.

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