Reverse ETL Explained Closing the Loop with Qlik Application Automation

An offer for a credit card you already own. An email promoting a SaaS subscription you just purchased. Or a warranty discount for something you no longer lease. Chances are high that you’ve been on the receiving end of a blunder like these, when a business treats you like a random prospect instead of an engaged customer. And while you may not immediately jump ship, you’ve probably registered the annoyance. 

Those annoyances add up over time – especially across thousands of customers – and for a business, they increase the risk of churn.

Why do these misfires happen? Not because the company doesn’t have the data from your interactions. They do. The problem is that their isolated systems don’t have the right data to drive the right outcomes at the right time. As a result, marketing systems don’t properly target, finance systems apply discount rules across the board, and customer support systems treat every client with the same indifference.

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