Build High-Performing Data Lakes with Databricks Lakehouse

Databricks: The lakehouse of choice for many organizations.

In under a decade, Databricks has emerged as a reliable, high-performing, and flexible solution for data storage. And for good reason. As the variety, volume, and velocity of data increase – and as demands on data teams keep intensifying – Databricks makes it possible to 

get more data to more users more quickly, leading to faster ROI and sharper competitive edge.

Among other features, Databricks enables you to:

  • Quickly and reliably store tremendous volumes of data
  • Store both structured and unstructured data, in a world where you increasingly need both
  • Create a central repository – a single source of truth – for your enterprise data
  • Scale up and down quickly as your needs evolve
  • Make it faster and easier for data engineers to create and train AI and machine learning (ML) models
  • Reduce the costs associated with data warehousing

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