6 Qlik Data Integration Reference Architectures for Business Acceleration

The Value of Effective Data Integration

Take a minute to think about one of your organization’s new business initiatives.
Whether it’s a customer experience, a new service, or a cost-saving effort, the
likelihood that it’s dependent on data is high. And not just data from one source,
but all types of data – historical and real time – from many sources at once are
now required to make every digital business initiative a success.

All the data your organization collects should contribute to delivering real growth,
innovation, and competitive edge to your business. Yet as more data floods into
your environment faster from more sources than ever, people-intensive integration
tools are getting in the way. They’re bottlenecking the process of delivering
analytics-ready data to all your business initiatives the moment they’re needed
which is creating significant challenges when it comes to assessing data’s value
and identifying valuable resources. That’s no way to get ahead.

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